• Artiglio

    Made with Devil’s Claw, also known as nature’s Bute. Helps reduce pain related to inflamed joints and ligaments.

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  • Lollyroll

    Lollyroll is a salty and sweet roll based on all-natural fruits, herbs and unrefined sea salt from the crystalline waters of Southern Italy.

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  • D.E.R.

    System created to help prevent and manage D.E.R. - Recurrent Summer Dermatitis (Dermatite Estiva Recidivante)- commonly known as Sweet Itch. Bites from blood-sucking insects, especially the female Culicoides (small midge) cause skin lesions and severe itching.

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Officinalis® all-natural line of products

Officinalis® is an all-natural line of products that harnesses the power of plants grown in the rich soils of Italy. In the Berici Mountains in Val Liona, plants are carefully tended to without the use of fungicides and chemical substances.

The essential oils are then extracted from these plants using vapor to ensure maximum quality and potency, allowing full power of the natural ingredients to shine through in all of our products.